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Affiliation and Accreditation Services for Private Universities and Colleges




AASPUC is a US-based company (located in Dublin, California) with a mission to improve the quality of higher education in the Middle East by helping private universities and colleges in the Middle East partner with North American universities, adopt American Style education system and acquire the highest academic accreditation from reputable accreditation agencies (such as ABET and WASC)

  • AASPUC identifies reputable universities in North America as potential collaboration partners for Middle Eastern clients.  The collaboration between partners will cover all academic disciplines relevant to the two partners.
  • AASPUC represents clients in all communications with North American universities.
  • AASPUC negotiates, on behalf of clients, a memorandum of understanding and a work agreement with reputable North American-based universities.
  • AASPUC coordinates between its clients and North American universities to plan all partnership activities and timelines.
  • AASPUC guides and supports clients at every stage in their long multi-year journey from the preparation stage to the start of the first academic year to the final stage of acquiring the highest academic accreditation.
  •  AASPUC provides clients with comprehensive academic, consulting, technical and coordination services to ensure smooth and successful implementation of all the requirements outlined in the work agreement with North American-based universities.
  •  AASPUC provides guidance to clients during the process to prepare and acquire academic accreditation from reputable accreditation agencies (e.g. ABET, WAS).

AASPUC was formed as result of a strategic partnership that combines 20+ years expertise in business software in the higher education field (e.g. campus solutions from SAP and PeopleSoft) with another 20+ years expertise in educational services.

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