Established 2017



AASPUC - Affiliation and Accreditation Services for Private Universities and Colleges

AASPUC is a US-based company with a mission to help private universities and colleges in the Middle East achieve their goal of acquiring the highest academic accreditation from reputable accreditation agencies:

  • AASPUC will represent the interests of their clients in North America.
  • AASPUC will support their clients  during every stage in their long multi-years journey from the preparation stage to start the first academic year to the final stage of acquiring the highest academic accreditation
  • AASPUC will identify reputable universities  in North America as potential collaboration partners for their clients.  The collaboration between partners will cover all academic disciplines relevant to the two partners.
  • AASPUC will help their clients negotiate and sign affiliation agreements with reputable North American-based universities.
  •  AASPUC will provide their clients comprehensive academic, consulting, technical and coordination services to ensure smooth and successful implementation of all the requirements outlined in the affiliation agreements with North American-based universities.
  •  AASPUC will provide guidance to their clients during the process to prepare and acquire academic accreditation from reputable accreditation agencies

AASPUC was formed as result of strategic partnership that combine 20+ years expertise in business software in the higher education field ( like campus solution from SAP and People Soft) with another 20+ years expertise in educational services.

AASPUC and IESI signed strategic partnership in 2017   (please check IESI web site by following the link IESI). The goal of the partnership is to combine forces and deliver a comprehensive technical, academic and consulting services to our clients in the middle east .

IESI (Led by Doctor Ala Almosawie)  is a company with long history in education services and mainly specialized in providing academic and technical services in the Middle East region.

Three Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) agreements with the following universities were signed on behave of Iraqi Institutions.

  1.   Acadia University,
  2.   Mount Saint Vincent University,
  3.    Dalhousie University

Additionally, IESI delivers innovative e-Learning technology services and solutions worldwide.. IESI provides:

  1. Multilingual e-Learning rapid authoring systems and interactive multimedia e-classroom.
  2. e-Learning portals and LMS services 
  3. Strategic Education Consulting
  4. Blended Learning Design
  5.  Utilizing and tested methodologies to fully integrate online offerings with traditional training initiatives.
  6. Blending the mix of online and classroom-based events to ensure a highly effective outcome. 
  7. Deployment Technology Consulting
  8. Providing professional support to assist the roll-out of learning solution.
  9. Designing communications strategies and providing supporting materials. 
  10. Technology Assessment & Implementation
  11. Help to assess the existing technology constraints and advise on the technical adjustments that will aid a simple implementation. 

Stay tuned! -

        more details about AASPUC services and customers will be provided soon.






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